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Juli Henry 

Juli Henry is a Military Vet and spouse of an Army Vet.

When Juli got out of the military to raise her two children she realized how hard it was to find a job with moving so much as being a military spouse.

She wanted to find something for moms that wanted to stay home and take care of their children while being able to make money, set own hours and have fun.

Juli is also the founder of a non profit called Helping Hands Helping the Community.

Juli holds many events to help raise money for our homeless vets.  

Juli is also a huge animal lover.  She is also trying to raise money to open a no kill animal shelter here in Colorado Springs.  

While her kids are grown and out of the house she loves helping those in need and wants to help stay at home moms make money while being with their children.

Juli is currently living in Colorado and also has a home in Montana.

Our history


Juli started the company Dilrina's and started selling formals, women's clothing and kids custom shirts and onesies.  Her daughter would make all the shirts and onesies.

The name was then changed  to Leilah & Luke.  Named after Juli's granddaughter  and a friends son.

2019 Leilah @Luke restructured and now is known as Leilah’s Family Closet

Juli wanted to offer mommy and me and daddy and mini clothing as well as men and women's clothing.  Most DS Companies do not really offer the needs and wants of some families as far as matching clothing.  If they do it is very hard to come by and very expensive.

Juli knew how it was to live on a budget and did not want to charge 100.00 for mommy and me matching clothes.

Juli decided to continue with selling formals at a low price for those that could not afford 100's of dollars on a one time dress So to speak.

Leilah & Luke was borne in 2017.  By March 2017  she decided to expand to offer more stay at home moms or those that love children the chance to become a Direct Sales Consultants.

Our style


Leilahs Family Closet clothing.

We offer everything from mommy and me maxi dresses, mommy and me leggings, mommy and me shirts, daddy and mini me clothing and family matching clothes. We also offer little boy clothing and men's.

Leilahs Family Closet has now expanded to offer accessories and gift items.

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Got my leilah and luke leopard leggings in the mail today, along with my lularoe julia that goes perfect with my leggings 🤗  Crystal Dattilo